Silicone waterproofing
Roof Repair Solution

Lifetime Warranty

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Long Life House & Deck Stain
15 Year Warranty

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America's #1 Selling Masonry Paint
15 Year Guarantee

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US Paint Systems Limited is a 100% Kiwi Owned and Operated Family Business. We source a range of top quality paint products from American manufacturers. Our range consists of quality, long-lasting products with proven track records.

Our exterior paint products have been used throughout North & South America in areas such as Hawaii, the Nevada Desert, Florida and the Caribbean where they are exposed to extreme UV and weather.

All of our products come with manufacturer warranties to prove that they are “Made To Last”

Quality Products =
Longer Lasting + Less Cost + Less Time Consumed + Better For The Environment =
A Better Lifestyle For You

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phone: 0800 383762